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    Medium Voltage Cable

    Medium Voltage Cable

    General Cable is the Leading North American supplier of Utility underground cables with 5-plants producing insulated conductors from 5kV to 46kV for use in Renewable Energy. Utilizing expertise in XLPE and EPR insulation technologies combined with a full engineering staff and testing laboratories, General Cable and WECS have teamed up since 2002 to provide millions of feet of underground distribution collection system conductors including the introduction of two products specifically designed with the knowledge of the life-cycle requirements of large scale Renewable Energy projects, EmPowr Link CL with 105-degree jacketing which will allow higher cable throughput than conventional Utility spec cable as well as potentially lower the overall project-life energy loss, and the newly introduced EmPowr Link CL-Advantage which takes advantage of the CL enhancements and can lower construction costs by uniquely smaller cable diameters and neutral designs.


    EmPower Link CL EmPower Link CL (436 KB)

    MV Cable Cable in Conduit MV Cable Cable in Conduit (86 KB)


    MV Cable Downtower Cable MV Cable Downtower Cable (168 KB)

    MV Cable EPR MV Cable MV Cable EPR MV Cable (560 KB)

    MV Cable REEL disposal MV Cable REEL disposal (99 KB)

    MV Cable Standard CL MV Cable Standard CL (291 KB)

    General Cable EmPower Link CL General Cable EmPower Link CL Advantage

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